Oct. 24 Nelson Enbridge pipeline rally supports big Victoria protest

Kootenay environmental activists who have been opposing the Enbridge pipeline proposal are holding a public rally at Nelson City Hall to support the major event in Victoria on Monday, October 22.

“The DefendOurCoast.ca Victoria event is going to be a major rallying point for opposition to bitumen pipelines,” says Keith Wiley from the Kootenay group. “Some of us are going to Victoria to join in, but for those who can’t go, we’re holding a rally here.”

Local events to support the Defend Our Coast action are being planned across BC for Wednesday, October 24. The Nelson rally will be at Noon at City Hall. There will be reports from the Victoria event, speakers on the issues and musicians.

“We’ll be back from Victoria and we want everyone to come and hear about the event and pick up on the growing energy of this movement to stop giant fossil fuel projects,” Wiley says. The action will be simple: we’ll link arms to symbolize the unprecedented wall of opposition across the province, and say “Defend our Coast” with banners and creative visuals.

More information: Facebook: Kootenays for a Pipeline-Free BC or email us at noenbridgepipeline@gmail.com


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