enbridge profit


Enbridge revenue up 31% to $5.33 BILLION

Bloomberg: http://bloom.bg/yjJUdY

enbridge profit


Why big oil won’t quit: Bill McKibben

Bill McKibben, the climate activist who helped lead the successful resistance to the Keystone pipeline, has published a new piece on the politics of oil and pipeline.

Published on CommonDreams.org he calls it: “The Great Carbon Bubble: Why the Fossil Fuel Industry Fights So Hard”

“Part of it’s simple enough: the giant energy companies are making so much money right now that they can’t stop gorging themselves. ExxonMobil, year after year, pulls in more money than any company in history. Chevron’s not far behind. Everyone in the business is swimming in money.”

McKibben also reiterates some of the scary science on climate change.  A good introductory piece.


All Enbridge oil spills

All the oil pumped down Enbridge’s North B.C. pipeline will be spilled

Commentator at the Vancouver Observer, Barry Saxifrage makes this provocative statement in this piece.  He exhibits significant wit, for a wag.

“So I propose we start calling this pipeline what it really is – Enbridge’s “Northern Gateway Pipeline to our Atmosphere”.

The full article is here:


He also has a fact filled blog at: http://www.saxifrages.org/eco/



NEB censors input on key pipeline issue: tar sands expansion

CAROL LINNITT has an excellent expose of the National Energy Board on desmogblog.com.

She writes:

“The National Energy Board (NEB), the federal body tasked with overseeing the Enbridge hearing, issued a general directive one year ago designed to exclude input from prominent environmental groups critical of the astonishingly rapid expansion of the tar sands – an expansion that only stands to increase with the proposed pipeline. …

“The NEB justifies the exclusion – which denies some of Canada’s leading environmental scientists the right to talk about climate change, greenhouse gasses and Canada’s energy future throughout the hearing – rather crudely:

“…we do not consider that there is a sufficiently direct connection between the [Pipeline] Project and any particular existing or proposed oil sands development, or other oil production activities, to warrant consideration of the environmental effects of such activities…Subject to consideration of cumulative effects…we will not consider the environmental effects of upstream hydrocarbon production projects or activities in our review.” [emphasis mine]

The “other” pipeline, Kinder Morgan, springs a leak in Abbotsford

The Wilderness Committee has put out a release saying: “Kinder Morgan has confirmed there was an oil spill this morning at the Sumas Terminal and tank farm in Abbotsford, after residents phoned 911 and reported headaches and nausea from a heavy smell of gas in the air.”

This is near the end of the TransMountain pipeline which already has had several spills.